Day 113: Decorating Easter Eggs


We had fun decorating Easter eggs today!

I’ve always loved an Easter basket.  Growing up we had Easter baskets with eggs, candy, Peeps, and personal items.  Easter eggs remind me of new life and a fresh start.
Eggs-These lovely Easter eggs were inspired by Alisa Burke and her Doodle Easter Eggs.  Of course hers are much nicer than ours, but we had fun with her idea.  Here in Thailand, chicken eggs are typically brown, so we bought white duck eggs and blew out the insides before decorating with black permanent markers and colored paints.
Church-If you go to church on occasions, you’ll likely go on Easter.  Growing up, Mom would make beautiful Easter dresses for all of the girls.  Easter, being the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, reminds us that God’s forgiveness was costly and priceless at the same time.
Easter Egg Hunts-Returning from church, we would go to my grandmother’s house to hunt for Easter eggs.  Not that it had anything to do with the actual reason for celebrating, but making the holiday fun and memorable was certainly accomplished with this hunt.  Everyone remembers special hiding places, like that strange knot in one of the trees, and finding month-old Easter eggs after the fact.  
We never take what Jesus did for us lightly, yet Easter has been one of the memorable fun days of celebration for me.
“The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances. “Robert Flatt

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