Day 118: My Experience With Fish Spas or 30 Minutes of Torture


You could use fish for cleaning, or just go home and use soap and water!

If you have house guests, don’t think of them as getting smelly in three days, but do take them to the fish spa.  It’s hard to find better entertainment.  It’s a different but memorable experience with each crew.  I once heard a young man scream like a girl in this place.

It’s funny that the owners put on the whole spa experience.  They light up the place with candles, serve hot tea, and clean you off with towels and scented water.  I guess they drown out the screams and laughter somehow in order to maintain the spa environment.

What’s a fish spa?  Fish spas are not a place to bring your fish for a rest.  In fact, it’s not even very relaxing.  Think of it like a game of spin the bottle where you lost and now have to accept the dare.  Your job is to get your feet in a tank of hungry fish and try to keep them there in order to get your money’s worth.  Yes, people actually pay for the experience.

What’s the purpose?  According to fish spas, the purpose is to allow the fish to chew the dried skin in order to exfoliate the feet and legs.  People who have skin problems like eczema and psoriasis find the treatment especially helpful, according to some health journals.  There is some controversy about whether or not the fish can spread diseases from one customer to another.

Who goes there? Tourists to Asia love to visit fish spas. Once is usually enough for most people, as many will find a foot massage more relaxing. Don’t let the fact that it has been banned in at least fourteen states in the US deter you.  It can be a fun experience if you’re up for an adventure.  Who really cares about the risk of the spread of fungal infection anyway?

So, if you need a good vacation event, don’t forget about the fish spa.  Your guests will come back happier than when they went in.  Regardless of how they felt during the process, everyone somehow feels better when they leave.

“I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it.”  W.C. Fields


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