Day 123: Her Clothes Told a Story


Carefully selected materials, a trained eye, and talent give the clothes the story!

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair.”  Audrey Hepburn

On occasions, we come across people who have a presence, a sophistication, something that attracts us.  It wasn’t the clothes or her hair, it was a certain grace.

I stopped and admired her jacket.  ”Thank you.  It is an Indian silk bought by the dressmaker.  She found it at the market in Nong Khai.”

This interested me because I had been to Nong Khai and loved the little place.  It has a lovely outdoor market that runs along the Mekong River between Lao and Thailand.

An instant connection formed as two stories unwound- the one in my head, and the one she was telling, which both interested me.

The story she told.  The seamstress is the daughter of a very famous dressmaker who died, but who had worked for some very prestigious people.  The talented daughter learned the craft from her well-known mother.  I noticed the pockets used the grain of the cloth to form perfect V’s.  The tweed that outlined the jacket accented the whole piece.  As this graceful lady explained the story behind her jacket, I knew that her elegance came from a deeper place.  She appreciated precious things.

The story in my head.  The market in Nong Khai took me back to a time when my husband and little children traveled there to scout out a house for a new family.  There was not much to the town, but it had a certain romantic feel to it.  Within a half hour, we had spoken with the owners of the small guest house, had visited the market, and had returned to a small tea house for freshly baked sweets, coffee, and hot tea.  Several years later on our second trip, we noticed people who stood to watch a bridge being built between Thailand and Laos.  These were exciting times.

I’d never thought about how stories can be associated with clothes. Yet, we all have them. The story told by this elegant lady brought me back to another time in my own life. What’s hanging in your closet?  Do you have clothes that tell a story?


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