Day 129: Where’s Peter Pan When You Need Him?


Something would be wrong if they didn’t grow up!

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”  Beverly Sills

Ugh!  What is it about these children and growing up?  We have another child ready to start college! Unbelievable!

I’m just wondering why the children didn’t take the story Peter Pan to heart.  Unfortunately, there are a few things that Peter Pan didn’t really know about life.

Growing up requires constant learning.  Peter Pan did not want to go to school or to be a grown up at all.  His decision was to remain a child.  Yet, in Neverland, he actually did grow up.  He learned to get food, to dream, to fight off pirates, and to take care of his friends.  In essence, Peter Pan was already a grown up but just didn’t know it.  Alas, we all have to let our children grow and go off to new adventures.  I just hope they know that there’s a place where they can always feel safe and protected, where they don’t have to act all grown up to be accepted.

Growing up is not measured by one’s age.  Peter Pan never wanted to get old.  He wanted to keep his youth, his dreams, and his adventures.  Yet his experiences grew him up without him knowing it.  Peter Pan didn’t realize that growing up and growing old don’t have to go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, some people grow up while they are very young, sometimes too young.  I hope my children know that I find them far more mature than their age.  I also hope they’ve had time to be real children.

Growing up requires the same kind of courage that fighting pirates requires.  It takes courage to walk into an unknown future.  It takes courage to make decisions for one’s self while others stand by and watch.  It takes courage for parents to let their children make their own choices. This courage, though, is what’s expected for those growing up!

So, Peter Pan, my hat goes off to you.  You stayed in Neverland to keep from growing up, but in reality, you’re already grown up!  My dear children, please chase your dreams, don’t feel conformed as you grow up!

“You cannot get to the top by sitting on your bottom.”  Proverb


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  1. Your children are all special because of all the love that has been poured into their lives while they were growing up. You did a great job!! Love you!!

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