Day 131: Five Good Reasons to Cry


Feel free to cry!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

When a person cries, my instinct just tells me to find out what’s wrong.  I’m not a cry baby, but I do have a good cry when necessary.

Here are five times when crying might be in order.

Cry when you want the  world to cry with you.  Sometimes we just need to be comforted.  Funerals are times when crying is in order.  People need to mourn, and mourning with company brings comfort.

Cry when you want to relieve some stress.  Several weeks ago, I found myself crying while watching an art video.  Something about the love story in the video moved me to tears.  When we are overextended, a good cry can help release stress and help us get a second wind to finish the task.

Cry when you remember good things.  It usually happens when I start talking about something memorable.  Before I finish telling the story, I’m crying.  It happened just the other day when I told my friend about how I was blessed by some kind words.  There I was as usual with tears in my eyes. Memories of good things often bring tears.  Sometimes a memory of a good friend who encouraged my children brings tears too.  For me, that kind of crying is healing.  It reminds us to think on good things and to remember them well.

Cry when you are thankful.  There are times when people do extraordinary things that make me cry.  It’s usually related to words of encouragement, but sometimes its an event that brings happy tears.  While watching Survivor, I teared up when watching one survivor give a precious gift to his enemies.  I felt thankful that these kinds of people are still around.

Cry when you miss a friend.  I cried throughout my son’s senior year and now while my daughter is getting ready to graduate.  I’ll cry next year when my last daughter is in the same situation.  I find that grieving before the event makes things go a lot smoother at the actual departure.

We wouldn’t want to be considered a cry baby, but crying does make us real.  Something seems a bit strange about a person who never cries…just saying!


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