Day 139: Looking on Both Sides Can Improve Your Perspective


Some might call this a lovely tree if they look up to see it!

“Cause and effect are two sides of one fact.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever had a great idea only to see it shot down by the higher-ups?  If so, try looking on both sides before making a proposal in order to improve your chances.

In fact, including, rather than avoiding, both sides of the fact can actually improve everyone’s perspective.  Before making another proposal, take a few minutes to think through both sides.

This beautiful tree drops a lot of leaves that somebody has to sweep up!

Think about the reasons some will be opposed to the idea and include these in the initial proposal.  When we think of an idea we’re really passionate about, it’s worthwhile to think through some of the expected negative responses.  Don’t fall into a negative thinking trap and shoot down the idea before proposing it, but do think about ways to overcome these negative perceptions.

Think of the bright side and present it well.  Don’t forget to include the positive benefits as something we must (or would be crazy not to) seek in order to move forward in our business.  Look for evidence to back up the idea including other places of business who are doing at least this, if not more than this proposal.  Make the evidence convincing and the comparative business a place of excellent reputation.  Don’t compare apples to apples; compare apples to diamonds!

The bright yellow blooms are breathtaking in the spring!

Propose the new idea as more positive than negative after looking at both sides.  Go back and pick up the negative ideas along with the more convincing positive ideas. Then, make the proposal a “must do as quick as possible” plan.  Imagine the proposal being implemented and ignite a positive vision along with its implementation.  Finally, watch the higher-ups choose this great idea

As I’ve watched people act and react for many years, it seems there will always be winners and losers for those who want to take a side.  Businesses have to have a thick skin and count on these attitudes after looking on both sides of the fact.  However, addressing them, rather than avoiding them, can bring about a win-win attitude instead.


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