Day 140: Baby Fix for the Oldies But Goodies


Welcome babies one and all!

“A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” Carl Sandburg

Yesterday, we celebrated a brand new baby coming to our community!  Additionally, I was surrounded by a roomful of nursing mothers.  At one point, I saw at least five blankets over arms with babies blissfully drinking in Mom’s milk.

Ironically, I was staying late at school to celebrate both this baby arrival and the early graduation celebrations for my soon to be graduating girls.  My— but how time flies.

How does it feel to be an “oldie” glancing in at the baby stage and the graduating stage?

It is good to be reminded of this life stage.  I’ve not been around so many babies in years.  Even though these ladies have play groups daily, I’m not a part of this circle of young energy.  My life stage has changed almost without my being aware of it.  To make matters worse, I’d developed a cold and didn’t feel I should pick up any of these adorable little creatures!  There I stood in a candy store with no money to purchase anything!

It is good to revisit this old stage.  Though I don’t belong there anymore, it was fun to listen to young mothers share how they are coping with all of life’s demands.  Frankly, the raising of small children points to one of the most difficult but rewarding life stages.  I was reminded of the tiring nights and days of caring for little ones.  I fondly remembered my children and the demands and needs we met for them.

It is good to step out and return to our own life stage.  As great as it was to celebrate, I stepped out of the party with a smile.  I returned to see my girls and their friends making gifts for other graduating students.  Truthfully, they don’t think they need me anymore.  We have taught them to be independent, and independent they are.  In a short few years, they’ll be back to sing our praises when they raise their own babies.

To this stage of life, I am grateful.  Two of the most miraculous things to observe are the coming of new life and the watching of wise young adults making good decisions.  I am proud to have taken part in both of these events.

Still, I’ll be needing a baby fix from time to time.


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  1. I love this, it tells me a lot about the life you have lived. I am humbled and blessed. I thank God for all the mothers that step up to the challenge of being a true mother. Any woman can birth a child, but in these times we live in there are fewer and fewer that can claim the honor of being called a mother. Life is precious, a child need a mother, the bond and the strength gained from a mother last a life time and it almost always shapes the path that a child will take as they become adults. Mothers can not be replaced, there can be a substitute for a child that doesn’t have one, but the sub must be a mother, not a guardian. Thanks for all the mothers that still step up to the challenge. I know that without my mother I would not have been given the love and nurturing that I received as a child, and the love I still feel as a grown man.

    • Seriously, Johnnie, go on to wordpress and set up a daily post. I’ll step you through it if you need help. If you follow my postaday link, it should take you there. You can start posting right away. It doesn’t need to start long. Just get going about whatever makes you happy. Think a little about the name of your post before you sign in because it’s not so easy to change. I’ll be finished with school in a couple of weeks and can keep you going if you need help. Sign up tomorrow or as soon as you decide what to call your post.

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