Day 145: It’s All About the Costume


This creepy creature advertises for the aquarium!

“If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween.”  Doug Coupland

OK.  I’ll admit that I’m a girl who loves the stage.  I love costumes and would actually wear one every day if I could!

Today, we’re preparing to go a little overboard.  I just got notice from a friend that the theatre crew will be having a Hairspray sing-a-long.  We’re off to buy material to make costumes for my daughter and her friends.  It should be a lot of fun!

Here are some of the costumes we enjoy:

Walking Characters-  My daughter will have her picture made with any sort of walking creature.  She loves the playful characters and hugs them all as if they were true friends. Quite unlike her is my other daughter who, when we took her to a Disney breakfast, screamed every time Minnie Mouse came near.

Dance Costumes- Ballet was all about pink.  When the children were small, you would have thought we landed at Buckingham Palace when we arrived at five-year-old ballet class.  The girls came decked out in princess costumes with crowns and scepters.  As the dancers got older, they wore whatever was not falling off them— but still had strong opinions when the stage performance came around.

Stage Costumes- I love creating a stage costume and seeing it finished.  One of my favorite parts of directing shows is picturing the costumes I make.  When I walk into class with an enchanting costume I created, I feel a sense of pride.

So if you need something to do on Friday, get out your poodle skirts, poof up your hair, grab your cameras, and join us for the Hairspray sing-a-long!  It’s all about the costume!


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