Day 148: It’s Good and It’s Good for You


I hear that these sesame seeds are healthy to eat!

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” Mark Twain
I’ve always liked sesame seeds, even before I knew of the health benefits.  Still, though, there are some ways to eat them that could be counter-productive to one’s health.  Here are a few benefits of sesame seeds.
Sesame seeds are full of nutrients.  According to the World’s Healthiest Foods, sesame seeds contain many nutrients including copper, calcium, and zinc.  This might keep us from having arthritis, help strengthen our bones, and keep us from getting osteoporosis.
Sesame seeds add a nutty flavor to foods.  My first introduction to sesame seeds was on a hamburger bun.  I remember enjoying these little seeds even as a child.  It’s the major ingredient in tahini paste which I use to make hummus.  Since it’s healthy, we can enjoy the nutty flavor of the seeds while eating humus and not feel guilty.  I can’t say the same thing about the health benefits of the cheeseburger.

Sesame seed oil is good for you.  Of the available oils, sesame seed oil is known to help lower cholesterol.  Recently, test results seem to indicate that rubbing it on the skin can also bring benefits.  Sesame oil might even help in keeping cancerous tumors from growing according to antioxidants guide.

If you must eat that burger, like I did for lunch today, at least you can think about the benefits of the sesame seeds and its oil.  You might even drop by the store and buy some tahini paste on the way home and make a healthy snack with sesame seeds.

How do you rationalize doing something that’s not so good for you?  This post was my way!


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  1. I like almost anything with sesame seeds. Good to know sesame oil is good for us.

    How are you? I’m in Chiang Mai til Tuesday night.

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