Day 154: Winding Down-The End of a Great Year


The room’s all clean, and I’ll soon lock the door.

“A good opening and a good ending make for a good film provided they come close together.” Federico Fellini

Today, I’ll close the door on another exciting year of teaching.  I plan to lock the door, but I’ll be keeping the keys!

As each year comes to a close, I like to think about the things I’ve learned.

I really love to teach.  This year, I had the great privilege of working with a sweet student teacher.  She was fantastic!  What did I learn in that experience?  I really love to teach.  Each day of watching someone else teach my class was more difficult than the day before.  Investing in another person is important, but I learned that teaching is what I do best.

Each group is different.  Each class has a set of dynamics.  Students respond to teaching differently.  This year, I got an interesting combination of children.  All together, we made up a unique bunch.  I adjusted my teaching to the way they like to learn.

Each year, I’m different.  Last year, I started teaching after a bout of pneumonia, and this year, I had my second senior.  I got to go to an exciting conference, and I tried several new teaching strategies.  What I love about teaching is that I get to learn as much or more than my students do.

I’m told I’ll be getting my new class list soon.  Frankly, I’m terribly excited.  Each year holds new challenges, and I love a challenge.  As I close the door on this school year, my hope is that I’ve ended well.


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  1. I am touched by the way you describe your feelings about your job, I learned many years ago what I was meant to do; my passion is also teaching but not in a school type setting. I was born to be a teacher of men, I have always freely given the knowledge that I have been blessed to receive, expecting no payment in return except for respect. I have worked with many men, and for every one that I tought some thing; I have learned some thing from, and many of those men have been very high up in the food chane.

    I know now at my age, that things could have been much different in my life; I do not regret the life that I have lived, I just know that I should have done more with the blessings that have been bestowed on me.

    It takes many years for a good plan to come together, so I am going to hope that my Father doesn’t get tired of waiting on me, to understand ones perpose in life is a blessing within it’s self.

    • Hey, really nice, Johnnie. Men need great role models. I’m glad you are able to do that.

      Now we need to get you set up on a blog site and you could make it a spot for the men you work with. Think about a name. I’ll be in your same time zone so that you can set up your site. If you have questions, you won’t have to wait 12 hours for a response. I will be there on-line about Tuesday. Think about your title so you can get started.

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