Day 155: Got Camel Milk?


Got milk?

“If a queen bee were crossed with a Friesian bull, would not the land flow with milk and honey?” Oliver St. John

I’ve never been much of a milk drinker.  As a child, I used to sneak my milk to my sister who loved it.  My Mom was great to encourage me to drink milk to help strengthen my bones, but since leaving home I’ve not even picked up a glass to drink.

Here are a few interesting ways to get a daily dose of milk:

Drink some camel milk – This morning, I saw a documentary about how some countries are trying to promote drinking camel milk.  I can’t really imagine it since I’m not even thrilled with cow’s milk.  It is said to be tasty, to have less fat, and research is still being done to prove that it’s healthy.  An article by CBS reports that it has more vitamin C, can help AIDs patients, and is said to reduce heart disease.

Have a milkshake – If you aren’t a milk drinker, maybe a milkshake will do. has a variety of delicious milkshakes.  I think the Cookies and Cream Milkshake looks the best right now.  If you buy milkshakes at a fast food chain, it’s important to do your homework since some chains don’t use real milk in their “milk”shakes!

Try a cafe latte – My neighbor has always laughed at me because I claim to drink milk in my coffee.   When I first bought my espresso maker, I was surprised that a nice sized cafe latte could use a whole cup of milk.  So if you must, drink your milk in your coffee.  It’s not the ideal way of digesting milk, but it might help if you’re like me and don’t otherwise drink milk.

What’s your favorite way to drink milk?    Would you be a good candidate for the “Got Milk?” campaign?


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  1. I’m like you- I always hated milk, which my Mom forced us to drink. I was very clever at making it disappear without drinking much. As an adult I learned that I am lactose-intolerant, which is fairly common in Jewish people. I take calcium tablets, eat “hard” cheese which I love and can tolerate well (but not cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese…go figure). I was found to have osteopenia, but that has been cured by taking Fasomex once a week for a few years. Now I am “normal” at least in bone density so I just take calcium tablets, when I remember.

    I believe our bodies moderate what they need…if we don’t confuse our natural mechanisms too much with addictions.

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