Day 157: Three Things I Love About Flying


My bags are packed, and I’m flying high!

“Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.”  Amelia Earhart

If all goes well, I’ll be in the air when this post goes out.

There are many things I like about flying.  Here are three of them:

I like airplane food. Today, I’ll not be cooking anything.  In fact, I won’t even select the initial menu.  All I have to do is to sit and wait for the food to come.  This seems strange to some people, but I actually like the food, especially the breakfast entrees. Bon appetit!

I enjoy going places.   I’d love to go visit art museums in Italy or any European country for that matter.  It’s on our travelling wish list.  I guess that’s the reason I like to fly.  Usually, I’m going somewhere to learn something new.  So where are we going next?

I get lots of thinking time on airplanes.  It’s rare that I sit and do nothing, but on the plane, that’s basically what I do.  If I read, I get a bit motion sick.  So, I’ve learned to spend some time day dreaming while on flights.

Do you like to fly?  What do you enjoy about airplanes?


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  1. I used to like it; not any more. I guess I’ve crossed the pond a few too many times. I hate saying good-bye to people and places…and I must differ with you on airplane food. I eat it (slowly) because it gives me something to do and fills a hunger, but it’s rarely delicious.

  2. I like flying too. I recently wrote an article on things I like about travel. For the flying part, I like that I get uninterrupted time to myself and uninterrupted time with my travel companions. Have fun on your next trip.

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