Day 158: Top 10 Things to Do in the Airport


Pack up your travel bag!

“I get pretty much all the exercise I need walking down airport concourses carrying bags.” Guy Clark

I love airports.  It’s almost like being in a department store at Christmas time.  Excitement is in the air and everything seems a bit chaotic!

Some of the best airports really cater to the transit passengers.  The airport in Singapore Changi Airport is one of the most amazing airports I’ve passed through.  Check out their exciting activities for travellers.

Here is my top ten list of fun things to do in an airport:

1. Check out all of the coffee stands. I determine which coffee I would buy if it were selling at regular price.  If I need coffee, I get it, but it’s interesting to see the prices charged when people are being held captive.

2. Look around for someone I know.  It usually doesn’t happen, but I generally expect to see someone cool at the airport.  Maybe it will be an old friend that I just have a chance to sit down and catch up with.  Anyway, it’s always fun to imagine who I’d like to meet at the airport.

3. Browse magazines at a newsstand.  Looking at magazines is a great way to pass time in an airport.  The most enjoyable way is to browse for free.  Fortunately for the shop, I usually come away with something.

4. Walk really fast to the gate, even if I have a long wait.  It’s funny to watch people zoom by on carts hoping not to miss a flight.  I sometimes join in and walk as fast as I can to my next gate.  It relieves boredom and other people think I’m either crazy or about to miss a flight.

5. Use the free internet.  I love trying out new educational programs in the airport.  There are so many new things out there being used, and it’s hard to learn all of the programs while school is in session.  The airport is a great time to try out these new ideas.

6. Visit a fast food restaurant.  Last year I visited my family in the States but wasn’t able to get to Taco Bell because it was such a short visit.  When I got to Detroit, I had a layover and noticed Taco Bell in the food court.  I cannot tell you how delicious that Crunch Wrap Supreme tasted.

7. Exercise in air conditioner.  Besides the long walk to the gate, sometimes we have spare time to just walk up and down the airport before a long flight.  It is a win-win situation.  The air keeps me from breaking a sweat, and I get to stretch my legs out.

8. Visit all the terminals and see what’s available.  Even with the terminal map, I feel that we should check out each terminal to see which one is best.  The airport in Malaysia is a perfect airport to check out.  Each terminal is interesting in its own way.  Don’t forget the butterfly exhibit at terminal 3 in the Singapore Changi Airport.

9. Go to the bathroom and rate it compared to other airports.  I guess the best bathroom experience of mine is in the Narita Japan Airport.  The toilet is like a throne that will warm your seat, spray your bottom, and perhaps wipe you if you need it.

10. Look at the people on the plane and try to imagine why they’re traveling today.  It’s always fun to watch people in an airport.  It’s often obvious the couples on their honeymoon and the children flying for the first time.  The airport gives a whole new opportunity for the imagination to run wild.

What are your top fun things to do in airports?


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