Day 159: Trinkets From Dream Lands


As a child, I treasured this little set of stacking dolls.

“Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times.” Allen Klein

There are certain tiny trinkets that call to mind a place, a time, a memory forgotten.

A tiny animal pulled on a string – I was fortunate to know all of my grandparents, four of my great-grandparents, and I still vaguely remember a great-great grandfather. He always seemed a nice guy, though family stories might lead to another conclusion. My memory centers around a trinket we loved to pull- a tiny little animal on a string.  When I say tiny, I mean literally less than two inches. From that animal, my memory moves to his daughter’s house where we would find a small plaque that read, “A man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.”  I remember seeing this 96 year-old man walk but not much else comes to mind other than the tiny animal on the string.

A bag of marbles – Thumping a large, clear marble in the dirt near some tiny, wild strawberries is a very happy memory. I was told the strawberries would poison me if I ate them (and I did eat them with no consequence).  The marble bag sends me outside a humble house I loved.  The house was so small that we children spent many hours outside. My mind built many memories there- with intricate details in sight, smell, texture and mood.  We were constantly scolded about walking on the border wall and jumping from one wall to the next.  We dragged one another in an old pull-cart.  I remember being taken to an old 5 and Dime store to choose a treasured purchase with a few coins.  These were the best of memories.  The house felt cozy, and we would wake in a bed we didn’t fall asleep in to the sound and smell of a Southern breakfast.

This little set of dolls – I’ve always been intrigued by this tiny set of dolls.  Just when I think the dolls can’t get any smaller, that little tiny doll peeps out of the bottom stack. Before living overseas, this set of dolls gave me an imaginary image of a land I’d never seen, where people work in factories painting these tiny little dolls and stacking them one inside another to send to other countries.

A bendy Christmas elf – When we were children we always looked forward to Christmas.  Our favorite ornaments were these tiny little bendy elves.  It sent us into a dreamland which included Santa, his elves, and his factory.  We played up the whole idea of how Santa would prepare toys for us.  He would even send us personal letters at times.  Christmas was big in our house, and these trinkets would send us into a snowy land of dreams.

It’s funny that something so small can send us to a land of dreams. Do you have a trinket from a dream land?


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