Day 162: 5 Gadgets I Love to Use


Gadgets...You gotta love 'em!

“A new gadget that lasts only five minutes is worth more than an immortal work that bores everyone.” Francis Picabia

I’m getting ready to go to see my Mom.  It’s been some time since I’ve been to her house, and I know she’ll have all of the best new gadgets.

I’m a gadget lover, and to narrow it down to my top five is going to take some thinking.  Here are my 5 favorites today:

Paper Pro or Magic Stapler– My husband brought me a new-fangled stapler back from one of his trips.  When I put it on my desk at school, I noticed a big difference.  One slight movement on my part sends the stapler perfectly through the paper.  What’s more, it came with an additional gadget which was a cool staple remover.  This is truly the gadget I never knew I needed but have loved.  I recommend it to anyone with an office job. “Y—Excuse me. You—I believe you have my stapler?” Milton Waddams

Cheese Grater- It’s hard to pay for pre-grated cheese, and I don’t like to be limited in that way.  The bottom line is that I love cheese of all kinds whether it sprinkles, spreads, pours, or slices.  I’m not at all picky, and when I see some cheese I like, I want to buy it whether or not it’s sliced or shredded.  In fact, I prefer to shred or to slice my own cheese.  It seems more mature.  So my house will always need a cheese grater.  Here’s the latest cheese grater on my wish list.  ”I think that they should call a cheese grater by its real name…a sponge ruiner.”  Mitch Hedberg

Pepper Mills– Holding a large pepper mill makes me feel a bit Italian.  Food just seems more sophisticated when someone has ground some pepper on it from a long pepper mill.  Even though Bryan Miller seems to indicate that it might mean the food quality is bad, I just love a cool pepper mill.  ”The disparity between a restaurant’s price and food quality rises in direct proportion to the size of the pepper mill.”  Bryan Miller

Tea Strainer– I’m a romantic at heart! One year, I went on a rampage looking for a low-cost but sophisticated looking tea strainer.  I love hot, Earl-Grey tea, and the right tea strainer gives it attitude. Here’s a picture of the one I love to use.  ”Kissing is like drinking tea with a tea strainer, you can never get enough.” Bob Hope

Garage Door Opener– On this trip back from Asia, I’ve been reminded of a favorite gadget, the garage door opener.  I’ve seen gate openers in Thailand, but we’ve elevated the garage door opener to a needed gadget here in the States. Yesterday, I put the garage door opener in my purse and accidentally hit it leaving the garage open to all passersby.  Though garages are generally for cars, we must remember that other great things happen there. ”You can tell the difference between songs that were created in a garage and songs that were created in the studio.” Gary Cherone

Can you narrow down your top 5 gadgets?  It’s not as easy as you might think!  Please share your list with us!


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  1. What about the Magic Bullet? The Iced Tea Maker? The mixer? Come on, girl- don’t trade these things for the tea strainer…

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