Day 164: Can I Become Healthy by Osmosis?


This salad looks awesome…so why am I not eating it?

“Never order food in excess of your body weight.” Erma Bombeck

Having a salad in the refrigerator makes me feel healthier, but I keep telling myself that if I want the benefit, I’ve actually got to eat the salad.

That’s the way it seems to be with things that are good for us.  We keep them nearby for comfort, but we have to be intentional about partaking.

Here’s my question.  Do we benefit by being near healthy things?

Keeping Healthy Foods On Hand-  I’m going to start my day by eating a healthy cereal and will eat a salad before leaving the house.  (It’s in the refrigerator, so I need to take it out and eat it.)  Having healthy foods on hand really does make snacking on them more of an option; however, I know I’m not going to become more healthy by just being near that salad.

Hanging Out With Health Nuts– In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, having like-minded friends can definitely help.  No, I won’t become more healthy just by being with them, but yes, their mentality is likely to rub off.  So I know that I’m going to need to be near healthy friends—especially at meal times.  The osmosis can actually work in this instance.

Becoming a Health Advocate– I’ll weigh myself next week and see how things are going.  Being an advocate is a different story, and the sad thing is that so many advocates tend to fail in the end.  Last week, we lost an awesome “healthy heart” promoter to a heart attack.  He even died in the process of exercising.  Those kinds of events are always bewildering and discouraging, yet we still have to try to promote what we know is important.

In what ways do you benefit from being near something good?


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