Day 167: It’s Not Easy Being Green


You can only be green for a short time, and then it’s time to kick in!

Being a newbie can be fun, but the learning curb had better happen fast.  Being green has its moments both good and bad.  Just listen to Kermit’s take on the topic.

I’ve arrived back in my city after having been away for some time.  Everything is new again, and I’m feeling like a kid in an old body.

Here are the tips I’m trying to incorporate:

Give yourself some time.  As Kermit starts his song, he admits, “It’s not easy being green.”  Instead of trying to look and seem like everyone else, it’s fine to take some time to adjust.  Watching my daughter going through college orientation, I was reminded of that old, fresh feeling of being green.  Everything is exciting, but there’s no doubt about it—being green for a long time is not easy!

Celebrate small accomplishments.  Yesterday, I needed to drive downtown, which would be a breeze for people who live here.  For me, though, getting downtown took a full planning session on Mapquest.  We left about an hour early and spent extra time just hanging out.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  After all, green people need some time to sit outside and soak up some sunshine!  You will, however, need to celebrate small accomplishments because big ones won’t come as often going at this speed!

Plan on making a few mistakes. Even after all of the planning yesterday, we still made a wrong turn, but we did make it! Initially, we might tend to feel sorry for ourselves, but if we just allow a few mistakes, things will be much better. As Kermit sings, we see that his thinking transforms.  He finally decides that even though it’s not easy being green, it’s what he wants to be.  In the song, he sings, “Why Wonder? I’m green and it’ll do fine…”

Being green is alright, but staying green is not.  In the change process, give yourself a little break and enjoy a brand new color.

“A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green.” Francis Bacon


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  1. Claudia, I love the way you always have a positive approach. I can see how God is working in you and how you must be blessing everyone over there just like you bless all of us here. One color, I think you won’t be is “brown”.

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