Day 170: Tires, Trails, and Other Ways to Rack Your Brain


Big wheels keep on rolling!

“I had to stop driving my car for a while… the tires got dizzy.” Steven Wright

Creativity is both something we have and something we develop.  There are likely as many suggestions of ways to improve one’s creativity as there are ways to stay physically fit.  Yet, both are important for the mind and the body.

Tires- I had to snap a picture of this tire.  For one thing, the contrast between the black and the red caught my attention.  Also, I love to think of ways to re-use tires, not that I’ve ever re-used them myself, but it’s a fun brain game.

One of the most basic creative exercises is the “think of the uses” activity.  If you want to give your brain a good “rack,” set some narrow parameters associated with the “think of the uses” activity.  For example, think of the many ways to use this tire in men’s bathroom decor.

Trails- Walking nearby trails is another way to keep the body fit, and it benefits the brain as well.  I live in a very big city where we exercise to move from place to place.  Since returning home, however, I have to make time for exercise outside of a daily schedule.

Yesterday, my daughter and I took a brisk walk around the neighborhood trails.  Except that I can barely keep up with my daughter, it was an excellent workout and it gave my brain a workout too.  The great thing about nature is that is activates all of the senses.  Without realizing it, we hear the sounds of the birds, observe the foliage, feel the breeze, sometimes encounter an unexpected rainfall (as we did yesterday), and fill our lungs and body with the smell of clean air.  Stop for a drink of fresh water and all of the senses have been active, causing our neurons to grow.

There are a number of other ways to keep fit both physically and mentally.  Starting with these two might set your brain and body on its own workout.


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