Day 171: For the Love of My Father


A long chat with my father is like reading a good book!

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.” William Shakespeare

It’s been a season of celebrations.  A few days ago, I got to help celebrate my mother and father’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.  No one is promised good health, so I am thrilled to have been here for such a celebration.

What does a father do that makes us feel so comforted?

‘Fix it’ man- My dad can fix most things.  A few days ago, the car wouldn’t start.  Dad rearranged a few wires, and it was working like new.  I was so grateful he was around.  Granted, some of his projects could be compared to those done on the Home Improvement show, but over all, I have confidence in Dad’s ability to get the job done.

Strong presence- My dad came to help us get adjusted to our new city.  He took us around to find everything we needed.  When it was time to go to sleep, he locked all of the doors and double checked everything so that we would all sleep comfortably.  I slept like a baby while he was visiting.  After he left, I realized it was his strong presence that has always comforted me.

Gentle voice- Dad says that it takes a lot to make him angry, but when he is mad we’d better watch out.  What I remember about him, though, is his gentle, calm voice.  His voice relaxes me like reading a good book.

Good heart- I know that if I have trouble, Dad will find a way to drive to Timbuktu if he has to in order to help.  He’s that kind of man.  On a day like today, I’m happy to be able to call my dad and wish him a happy Father’s Day!

In these days, it’s difficult to find strong, gentle, and good-hearted men.  I cannot be more grateful for the outstanding men in my life.

What are some special memories you would share about your father?


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