Day 172: Lazy Days of Summer


Kick up your heals, and try to relax!

“You can’t teach people to be lazy-either they have it or they don’t.” Dagwood Bumstead

It’s summer time.  Many call it a time for vacations, a time to relax, and a time to kick back and be lazy.

Every now and again, it’s good to take a day off.  I know it’s true, but I don’t do it well.   I guess it doesn’t make sense to write goals about how to take a day off, but for some of us, it might be helpful.

For those of us who don’t find it relaxing to do nothing, maybe there are other ways to get rest.

In the summer, I like to cook.  Cooking relaxes me when it is my idea to cook and not something put on me by someone else.  It’s fun to create things and cooking can serve that purpose for a short and limited time period.

In the summer, I like to sleep in late.  Realistically speaking, I don’t sleep past 5:30 even without an alarm clock.  When school’s in session, my normal wake-up time is 4:00.  So in order to “sleep in late,” I go ahead and make my coffee and sip it in bed.  I don’t put on my clothes for several hours, but instead I read an educational book or work on lesson plans.  Getting new ideas can be relaxing.

Unplug the phone and lock the doors.  A truly relaxing day means that I have time to think without talking to anyone else.  It sounds like I’m a recluse, but I guess it means that I’ve become an introvert.  I benefit from some alone time to refuel.  It doesn’t mean that I have to sit around, but it can mean that I have time to get some things done without interruptions.

What are some ways you relax or refuel?


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