Day 173: Monuments in Our Minds Keep Those We Love Alive


This name plaque represents a person who worked to serve others.

“Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved.” Thomas Fuller

Yesterday, I read a marker sign about a man who made remarkable contributions to our city before passing away.  As a child, I was never very impressed by the lives of famous people, but now I like to stop and take a long breath as I read through these signs.

Some people pick up stones to remember special places, moments, and turning points in their lives.  Others of us rely on memories we treasure.

I like to pull out a memory and savor it awhile.  These last weeks, I’ve had a full palette of vivid memories about family and friends.

One of my heart-strings is attached to my mother’s side of the family.  Those precious ones who have passed on are like jewels shined up brightly in my mind.  They were fine people who loved God and lived it out daily.

My uncle: Last night, I was able to reminisce about my favorite uncle who passed away several years ago.  He loved to laugh, and he and I shared a private joke.  I vividly remember my grandmother reading out loud a letter that arrived from Vietnam during the war.  It said something like, “I’ve been injured here in the war.”  My grandmother’s whole facial expression changed until she read the next line that said he had stubbed his big toe while on duty.  He wanted me to know that he had grown a beard and mustache. When he returned, it was obvious to me that someone had written and told him that I would not be giving him a welcome home kiss if he still had that beard and mustache!

My grandmother:  Grandmother died in her mid fifties with breast cancer.  She was, however, a lady who really lived.  She taught second grade with passion, and she loved my family.  She never announced when she was coming to visit, at least not to my knowledge, but when she arrived, it was party time.  My favorite memories of her include watching her read her Bible, the peppermint candy she kept in her purse, her talking with people in the doctor’s office, playing Yahtzee, and the kindness of her voice!  Grandmother never learned to drive, and despite all of the warnings of how she was going to have an emergency and need her license, she never did need them.

There are other jewels in this bag of memories, but like the Antiquities Minister of Egypt’s museums who was protecting the nation’s important artifacts during the upheaval, I’ll keep some of those under lock and key.

Why not share about one of your favorite monuments?


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