Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn


Worn down by the underground subway!

“If the shoe fits, it is probably worn out.” Craig Bruce

I have a sweater that works quite well.  With holes in the sleeves, some frown on it, but I find it comfortable.

Using what we have is stewardship–things become worn.

Blue Jeans- Most find a pair of brand new jeans quite awkward unless they are bought with a worn feel to them already.  Stiff jeans just don’t do much for a person.  It takes a pair that’s been broken in with a few holes and worn patches to bring comfort to the owner.

Quilts – A worn quilt or blanket ranks high on a cold day.  It’s as if it has paid its due and everyone knows it will provide warmth.  Throwing old quilts away somehow seems sinful.  For one thing, we appreciate the time and effort put into making it.  On the other hand, it’s hard to part with those things that have pulled us through hard times.

Institutions – The best places on earth are the tried and true.  My university, though it still looks new and beautiful, has stood the test of time.  It has been worn by some amazing people–in fact it has produced them.

In life, we get worn and we wear things.  Both may benefit if care is taken in the process.

What do you have that’s been worn?


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  1. Love this post. It arrived in my in box on a day when I’m feeling quite like that! Thanks for sharing.

    I would love to know how you manage your time to write so well every day.

  2. You are so encouraging. I am not at all a writer which is one reason I took the wordpress challenge. I wanted to try to improve. Some days I feel very discouraged with what goes out, but having a little audience, though very small, is encouraging! I get up quite early each morning and drink coffee, read my Bible, and write my post. That’s it. The most fun part of this whole process has been meeting really nice people like you, Julia. I’m impressed with all you have going. I hope you have an awesome vacation! You deserve it!

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