Day 176: Magnolia Blossoms, Big Sales, and the Lack of Being Perfect


This magnolia blossom decorated the outdoor table beautifully!

“I like to think of thoughts as living blossoms borne by the human tree.” James Douglas

I’m enjoying a few things about my home state these days while loving on my family in the process.

Magnolia Blossoms – Having been away from the South for several years, I’m surprised to be reminded that magnolia trees produce leaves all the way to the ground.  The tree is much like a giant bush, not really providing shade for anyone but rather showing itself off with its magnificent blossoms. I’ve turned my head toward several of these since returning and know the time is right for enjoying these blossoms.  Southern Living reminds us of their drawbacks. These trees shed leaves 365 days of the year and take up lots of garden space since nothing grows well under them.  Yesterday, my girls and I went for a walk and enjoyed these space takers.

Big Sales – It’s been so long since I’ve seen such sales.  We are going back to Bath and Body Works for the third time in two weeks.  My daughter’s loving it and buying up presents for her friends overseas.  I go in and come out with a small bag, but she shops like an artist paints.  She smells each scent, looks for the best sale, and comes away with a bag full of things for the same price as my two bottles of liquid soap.  It’s fun to spend time with her and see her excitement. Today, I’m giving her my money and will let her buy me a bag full of scents and fragrances.  That makes both of us happy!

Lack of Being Perfect – When I travel in the South, there are sometimes a few snobs that try to enforce their uppity hidden rules on all those around.  You may be aware of these people who are obsessed with inspecting what you wear and noticing whether or not you are “proper” enough for them. I guess it is the lack of being perfect that accentuates this need to try. The bottom line is that no one is perfect, and being a snob about it just removes a person from being able to love others fully.

Many of those who have perfected love do live down South, but they are not of the snobbish brand.  They live humbly and douse others with more than they have themselves.  My family and I are enjoying these lovely people.

Magnolia blossoms wilt, big sales end, and perfection never quite arrives, but the enjoyment of all three served up with love will last in our thoughts.

Have you taken some time to live with and to love on your family this summer?


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