Day 179: Between a Rock and a Hard Place


This rock serves as a nice, relaxing place to read.

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Thomas Jefferson 

I know it’s good to be out in the summer, but then I think of the heat, the bugs, and the difficulty of finding a place to settle.  This rock gave me a perfect excuse to spend some time outdoors.

Funny, as I sat there thinking about that hard rock, I thought about how every person has some foundation that defines them.  What are some of the core principles my family considers important?

Hard Work- The older we are, the more we realize that we highly value hard work.  When we walk somewhere, we walk quickly.  When we work, we work hard. A few days ago, we heard it reported that only one in four college students found summer jobs. With so many out of jobs, we are grateful to have work to do.  We stand firm on hard work as a principle.

Integrity– I’m often shocked at the blatant remarks I hear when listening to talk radio.  Since we live outside the country, I’m surprised at the liberty people take with freedom of speech.  Not that this has a lot to do with integrity, but we do consider they way we express our feelings about others to show something about ourselves.  I am far from being full of integrity, but I highly value people who are able to be genuine. They are honest, kind, considerate of others, and are nice to have around.

Creativity– We value creativity.  Creative people know that there are those who value creativity and those who don’t.  The best way for creative people to flourish is to be in an environment where their work is highly valued.  That’s our house.  Come on a Christmas holiday, and you’ll see a variety of projects going on by every member of our family.  It’s what we do!

Faith– We value the way people develop a strong faith in God.  Growing in faith is of great importance to me.  The thing I love about faith in God is that we cannot prove its existence.  That’s the whole reason it’s called faith.  There is something contagious about spending time with people who have deep faith.

There are times to follow others, yet there are times when we need to have a backbone.  I admire the kind of maturity that stands rock solid about things that matter.

What are some of the rocks in your life?


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