Day 180: 5 Steps to Decorating a Healthy Plate


Food tastes best when it looks appetizing!

“Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” Mark Twain

My husband is one of the best plate decorators I know.  When he comes back from a buffet line, his food looks beautiful.

Deep down, we all want to have a more healthy diet.  Here are some simple ways to assure your plate is beautifully healthy.

Survey the buffet line: Before digging in, I take time to walk around the buffet line without visiting the dessert table.  I linger at the salad and the fruit bar for several minutes.  Taking time to admire fruits and vegetables helps my brain desire those choices.

Paint the plate: Forcing myself to make the plate colorful will automatically add brightly colored food choices.  Face it, most proteins and breads are brown or at least dark.  Adding color forces the use of vegetables and fruits. Think of color contrast and have a blast doing it.  I guarantee a healthy plate.

Choose from the food groups: Intentionally adding foods from each of the food groups helps promote healthy eating.  At a buffet, I like to reduce grains and increase vegetable intake.  To cover all of the food groups, choose a grain, several veggies, fruit (which might be taken as a fruit juice), milk- I tend to choose a yogurt, meats, and beans.

Photograph your selection: I find that if I plan to take a photo of my plate, I will be more intentional about decorating it with healthy food choices.  So bring along a cell phone with a camera and be ready to snap a picture for your Facebook page.

Plan to eat everything selected: At a buffet, I used to try to eat as much as possible.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to savor the best foods.  Our country is facing an epidemic.  Obesity continues to be a problem.  Unless we want to join the problem, we have to make some positive and intentional choices to change.

Buffet meals can serve us well, if we make a point to eat only until we are satisfied.  Fat is hard to burn, so decorating the plate provides a little prevention to adding too much fat to the diet.

How do you decorate your plate?


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  1. Going to a buffet is very hard for me. I try to take reasonable amounts but my plate ends up with way too much food. So my best tactic right now is to not go. But when I have to (work function, etc) I only take what is most tasty and don’t take anything else. Like the last time I went, I just visited the taco bars and nothing else. Maybe I could have had some healthier foods, but at least I didn’t overeat.

    Liked your ideas. The photographing one is novel and it might work for me too.

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