Day 186: Hotdog History – 3 Great Things About Hot Dogs!


It’s national hot dog month!

A hot dog at the ball park is better than steak at the Ritz.” Humphrey Bogart

The fourth of July is the perfect time for hot dogs.  My favorite is a foot long hot dog with chili, cheese, and sauerkraut, in that order.  My family considers it a forbidden smell.

While eating your hot dogs, you should have a bit of hot dog history.  Here are five great things you should know:

1. Hot Dogs Have an Ancient History – According to What’s Cooking America, hot dogs, or at least sausages, were mentioned in Homer’s Odysseyback in 850 B.C.  That’s an old history.  Fact Monster suggests that the name “hot dog” was coined by a sports cartoonist named Tad Dorgan in 1901.  Either way, hot dogs have been around a while.

2. Hot Dogs Might Have Some Healthy Additives – Believe it or not,Fact Monster says that new laws have made sure that hot dogs include leaner meats and must be made with meat from muscle, which is much the same as other meats, unless they indicate otherwise on the package.  The good news is that even though the hot dogs still have high fat and sodium content, they also have some healthy additions and are a good source of protein.  Fact Monster says that most have iron and vitamins as well.  That’s about all they can do for us as far as health goes.

3. Hot Dogs Provide Entertainment – Not only has the name Weiner given us some interesting entertainment lately, but who could forget Coney Island’s hot dog competition held every year in New York?  Nathan’s Famous entertains us yearly with a hot dog eating contest.  USA Today reports that this year, the women’s contest will also be staged with the men’s starting at 11:30 a.m.

On this fourth of July weekend, you can enjoy a hot dog or two without feeling too guilty.  You’ll be among others who have consumed around 155 million hot dogs this weekend.

How do you like your hot dogs?


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  1. This is the second post I’ve read this morning about food! We are trying to sort out hubby’s high cholesterol here so would have to pass on the HDs but they are yummy!

    • I know we’re all thinking too much about food!!! Yes, tell your hubby to leave off the hot dogs if he’s worried about high cholesterol! Have a great day! It’s rainy here. How about there?

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