Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky


Have you done any star-gazing lately?

“Excuse me while I kiss the sky.” Jimi Hendrix

If we shoot for the sky, we won’t be shooting too low.  These days, we don’t need to just share the sky with a loved one on a starry night.  Many companies have also chosen to use the sky as their target.

Here are a few of those aiming high:

Big Sky Bread Company – After an overseas trip, my husband requested a loaf of Big Sky Bread.  We drove down to the store’s original site and found they had moved.  Thankfully, we found the bread at a nearby store for $5.99 a loaf.  Woah! I wouldn’t call the bread inexpensive, but  Big Sky Bread does not disappoint.  They sell some healthy looking granola as well.  If you want some excellent bread, reach for the Big Sky.

Sky Vegetables – As you know, I’m a bit partial to hydroponics.  I love watching the long roots form and the clean feel of the hydroponic process.  Seeing this company reach for the sky made me proud.  This Massachusetts company, located appropriately on “Rosemary Street,” incorporates energy-efficient solutions through solar panels, composting, rainwater collection, and roof-top hydroponic greenhouses.  This company has chosen only the sky to limit them to transforming inner city buildings into interesting conversation pieces for a greener society.  It isn’t just Jack who fell for those seeds.  Who wouldn’t want their vegetables to reach the sky?

Google Sky – Who could resist peering into the sky, even on a cloudy night?  Google has taken over our maps, our documents, our museums, and now outer space.  Too bad they didn’t show fireworks around the country last night.  We may have just sat indoors and enjoyed the virtual sky.  Keep up the impressive technology, Google.

With technology at our fingertips, it’s pretty easy to see who’s reaching for the sky. Have you done any star-gazing lately?


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