Day 190: One Man’s Junk and Other Great Things To Find At a Garage Sale


I know I can create something nice with these beautiful chair legs!

You can tell a lot about a person by what they sell at their garage sale.  What kind of books they read, and what kind of music they listen to…” Wynetta Wilson

I haven’t been to a garage sale in a few years, but I do like to go.  In my mind, there will be a great find that just can’t be passed up.

Here are a few wonderful items we’ve bought and sold at garage sales:

A Child’s Vanity Set – When my children were small, we happened upon a child’s vanity set in very good shape.  A bonus item was that the chair was filled with Mardi Gras necklaces we used many years for dress-up events.

My Tea Set – Among the stupid things I’ve done in my lifetime, selling my Royal Albert tea set at a garage sale was one of them. The sweet lady who bought it thanked me and knew she was walking away with a treasure.

A Deer Head – My husband came across a deer head and thought it was quite novel.  He both bought and sold it at a garage sale.  While in California, we used it to decorate our door for a Christmas contest.  We used the quote, “The Buck Stops Here” with the deer head in the center.  Our humor wasn’t appreciated in California as it would have been down South.

The week-end’s coming soon.  Check the paper for the garage sale nearest you.

Share your best finds right here!


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  1. I finally need to comment on one of your posts. I recently had a garage sale and was amazed at the many wonderful things I had for sale….very, very cheap….and no one wanted them.

  2. I can really see the two of you with a deer head on your door…especially that playful husband of yours. Enjoy being together as a family. Rare times these days. I miss you.

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