Day 192: Dear John Letters vs. Dear John Texts – How Posting Has Changed Over Time


In 2011, the first-class stamp costs 44 cents.

“The post office had a great charm at one point of our lives.  When you have lived to my age, you will begin to think letters are never worth going through the rain for.”  Jane Austen

Today I’m posting to my daily blog.  This post will go online immediately and anyone can read it right away.  In the olden days, posting required a trip to the post office, buying a stamp, using writing tools to craft a letter, and putting it in some sort of mail posting container-whether a mail or a post box.

Dating long distance in 1985: My husband and I fell in love while getting ready to live overseas for two years.  We relied greatly on the postage system and sent letters back and forth every day.  It took about two weeks to get a letter from South Africa to Australia and during the one-month period of exchange, moods and situations tended to change immensely.  Had we been dating today, we could have gotten instantaneous communication.

Dating long distance in 2011: Today, long-distance daters have many options for communication.  They can text, Skype, chat, follow a blog, tweet, and many other options besides the obvious cell phone.  Who would have imagined or wanted a communication device that could be with a person at all times?  I remember thinking how horrible it would be to have a job that required a person to keep a pager with them at all times.  Now, most of us carry some sort of device that makes us available 24/7.

I guess the question should be asked.  Would you rather get a Dear John letter or a Dear John text?  One might take quite a bit longer than the other, but aren’t both just as painful?


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  1. I’m with you on this…as on most things. Hey, snazzy new format for your blog. Although there’s a lot of brown on the sides, the splashes of color at the top make a great contrast.

    • Thanks, Ruth. This new theme came out a few hours ago and I just enabled it. I’m not sure whether or not I like it, but we’ll see. Today we’re off to the art museum here. Hope there is something of interest there! We’re back home very soon now!

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