Day 195: Time Expired – What Were You Doing?


Why didn't we realized the time had expired?

“If I planned everything out in advance, I’d expire of boredom.” Peter Straub

In a few days, I’ll be traveling back to Bangkok.  My time here is almost over, and I can feel it rapidly marching on.  It becomes like one of those games where people ask, “If you had ten minutes to…. what would you..?”

After buying the last treat, packing some presents for friends, getting in all of my educational supplies, and shopping for the last minute items, the main thing is still the same.  It’s important to say goodbye well.

Our family tends to keep the idea of expiration on the back-burner.  We know it’s there, but we continue on as if it’s not.  Here’s our basic plan for today:

Art Museum – Several years ago, The New York Times ran an article on how to say goodbye.  It was based on the life of Randy F. Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor, who made a final lecture knowing that he was dying of pancreatic cancer.  The advice Randy initially got from his doctor was to live as if he were going to live for a while.   We hope to make our approach to saying goodbye along those lines.  Today, we will go to the art museum and enjoy time with our children.  We don’t plan to die soon, but saying goodbye well is on our schedule.

Eating Out – I hope this is on our agenda for today.  There are some restaurants I love and miss when I get back to Bangkok.  Though it’s just “eating,” I like the close feeling of being with those I love, in the right place, conversing over something delicious.

Mundane Chores – Whenever we come and go, we never like to leave a place a mess.  We’ve cleaned up after many families, and I can honestly say that the way the house looks when a person leaves has an impact on the way they are remembered.  ”Do you know ….?”  ”Oh, yes, that’s the girl who left her apartment a disaster…What a pig!”  Today, we’ll do some basic cleaning and packing.

The clock is ticking and I don’t want to be here working on this post anymore.  Why not send a comment and answer this question.

What would you like to be doing when you reach your expiration date?


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  1. Wow! That’s got me thinking ‘cos you never know what’s round the corner!

    Love the new theme! Reminds me of Sargent Pepper album by the Beatles!

  2. Oh, I hope the vertigo is better, Claudia. Periodically I suffer from it too. I’ve noticed (for me) it happens if I’m dehydrated or drink soda. Isn’t that weird about soda?

    At my demise I’d like to be with family/friends in the acts of worshipping gardening, or walking along the beach. It would probably be least traumatic for my loved ones if I went in my sleep. 🙂

    I also like to be a good houseguest and leave my surroundings clean. That’s like something I learned in scouts, “Leave a place cleaner than you found it.”. I realize that the host family has been inconvenienced and I don’t want to add to their work after I leave.

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m better now. Hey, I lost contact with your new blogger friend. I need to look her up again and subscribe to her post. Hope your shoulder is even better now. I’m excited about traveling back home in a couple of days. Blessings to you!

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