Day 197: If Peaches Could Talk or 3 Messages From Peaches



“The ripest peach is highest on the tree.” James Whitcomb Riley

Peaches are a friendly fruit.  Where I grew up, a basket of peaches could be used as a thank you gift or a reason to go visit a neighbor.

Peaches arrive in the hottest season.  Hope would be a peach’s first message.  When things are the hottest, that’s when the peaches show up.  I usually associate a peach with the summer my great-grandmother and grandfather came to stay with us for a few days.  Even though they were retired at the time, My great-grandfather spent every day outside cleaning the grounds of our house, and I remember my great-grandmother washing dishes in what seemed like scalding hot water.  For some reason I associate that summer with peaches, as they must have been growing well at the time.  Like a basket of peaches, the blessings spread by my great grandparents always provided a message of  hope in the goodness of others.

Peaches provide a rich color.  Beauty is an obvious message from a peach. It’s hard to match the color.  The fruit picked by Eve must have been the color of a peach.  Sometimes we base a whole room’s decoration or a wedding on the color peach. Picasso said it best with his quote about peaches, One does a whole painting for one peach and people think just the opposite – that particular peach is but a detail.“ 

Peaches sweeten with taste and smell.  ”Sweeten everything you touch” must be a peach’s third message to us.  We had a peach milkshake the other day that tasted like home-made ice cream.  The smell and the taste of a peach is hard to match.  A close second would be the mango, Asia’s hot season fruit.  Have you noticed how some people’s arrival is a breath of fresh air?  If only we could all be like a peach.

With the hot season, we welcome the peach.  Here’s hoping that we all, like a peach, bring the messages of hope, beauty, and sweetness with each season.


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