Day 198: 4 Reasons Why A Desk Is A Friend


“The writer has to force himself to work. He has to make his own hours and if he doesn’t go to his desk at all there is nobody to scold him.” Roald Dahl

At school, we were forced to sit in a desk for several hours at a time, to follow directions, and to stay focused.  Thanks to constructivist learning theories, teachers work to move children out of the desks and into learning environments that use many different kinds of modalities.

Why then, would we grow up and, of all things, put a desk in our house?  Perhaps the desk is actually a friend.

A desk reminds us to get to work.  Even though much of my work is done away from a desk, I like to have a desk both at home and at the office.  A desk, neatly kept and well-organized, stirs up my desire to complete something.  A desk is a friend that draws us to work.

A desk symbolizes our desire to keep learning.  When we finish our schooling, if indeed we can ever finish being schooled, something within us causes us to bring a desk into the home.  Maybe it’s our inward desire to continue learning.  A desk is a friend that reminds us how much we love to learn.

A desk gives a specific place for uninterrupted time for work.  When a desk is brought into a house, the owner has an opportunity to lay ground rules about how the desk is to be used.  Setting boundaries for ourselves is an important part of becoming an individual, and bringing in a desk is a perfect way to set those needed limits. A desk is a friend that understands our need for solitude.

A desk shows our desire to grow.  If we don’t desire to accomplish anything at home, there is surely no need for a desk.  Most of us, however, go in and out of periods when we really need a desk.  Maybe the desk reminds us of a time when we wanted to work on another degree, or when we wanted to be more organized in planning the events of life, or when we needed to teach something to someone else, or when we wanted to complete a personal goal.  Maybe the desk has served all of these purposes at different seasons of life.  Whatever the reason,  a desk is a friend that drives us to achieve greater goals.

What does a desk do for you?  Is your desk a friend or a foe?


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