Day 200: In Loving Memory


It’s pleasant to remember those who loved others.

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” Plato

I had the opportunity to walk the sidewalks of my university a few weeks ago.  It’s interesting that they’ve added a memory walk on the stairs that lead toward the library.  As I looked at all of those names, I found myself smiling.  What a wonderful way to remember some spiritual giants-to leave their names behind so others can think back and remember them fondly.  I thought what an honor to be remembered at this fine institute of learning.  Here, I met a different calibre of people.  Here, my life and my way of thinking changed.

I had to stop to snap a picture of this plaque in memory of a dear saint I knew.  She was known by many as not only a beautiful woman, but also as one who served others.  She died too early, and we all mourned her passing.  When I snapped the photo, I noticed my shadow in the plaque and decided to leave it.   I pray that God will help me serve others as so many of these lovely contributors did.


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  1. Claudia, you’re one of the most humble servants I know. You serve others every day at school, at home, wherever you are. I’m thankful to call you friend!!

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