Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful


We should all be more colorful!

“Outside books, we avoid colorful characters.” Mason Cooley

One of my impressions of both New Orleans and of San Francisco is colorful.  Color runs wild in both places from the house colors to its people and events.

Many times we think of colorful as naughty or outside the norm, but some of the most pure were full of color.

Jesus, the model of purity, was anything but drab.  In fact, the people of the day were so appalled with his actions, that they put him to death.  He did not go by the book.  You could find Jesus in the mist of the party with “sinners.”  Ousted by the religious community, this colorful, innocent lamb walked a lonely road, though surrounded by people.

Today, our sabbath, let’s rethink the word colorful.  We are drawn to it, yet we fall short of living it out.  In books, we do love colorful characters, but to be one ourselves takes real courage.  Maybe it’s time to get out the paintbrush!


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    • This was taken in my mother’s basement. She is an amazing woman and can make anything. I think these threads are a part of the embrodery machine she uses, however, she had many sets of them– so I’m not real sure.

  1. I’m back now, Claudia, trying to catch up. Thanks for sharing this today – I surely needed it. Love you much.

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