Day 206: Three Reasons I Like To Look At Carousels


“Riding a carousel is an event that often involves not only a family but multiple generations. It is one of the few things we do together; often families don’t even eat or watch TV in the same room. The wind in your hair, the thrill of the first ride, the euphoria created by twirling in circles, the challenge of grabbing the brass ring, the appreciation of the carving and the artistry all are factors.” Bette Largent

As a child, I enjoyed spinning.  Unfortunately, something happened with my inner ear at about the age of six which has made me unable to ride even the slowest merry-go-round today.  I don’t ride carousels, but I love to look at them.

Mary Poppins made us all want to ride a carousel in the park.  These days you can find them in many of the city parks, shopping centers, and amusement parks.  Carousels don’t usually cost a lot, and unlike me, most people can ride them.

I love ornamentation.  If I were to make a carousel, it wouldn’t differ from the ones you see most places.  I love the gaudy decorations, the bright colors, the mirrors and lights.  I would possibly suggest that everyone wear a costume before they get on, but otherwise, I love the look of a carousel.

The music is inviting.  Carousel music isn’t the best for everyday listening, but it has a predictable tune.  Memories are built around sounds, smells, and sights.  That’s why the music invites.  These sounds make us think we’re riding a beautiful pony to a magical land. When the ride stops, we secretly hope to be over the rainbow somewhere.

It’s a family ride.  It was fun watching grandpa hold the grandchild up on the horses.  We felt very sorry for one little boy whose mom forgot the point of carousels.  Sitting next to these magnificent ponies were a mom, a baby, and a little boy on one of the carousel benches.  Our family discussed it.  Sure, the lady didn’t want to hold the boy on the pony while trying to hold the baby, but come on!  Perhaps she should have chosen another day.  I’m sure the child left that carousel very disappointed, despite being given the chance to ride.  It’s true that everyone can ride, but put the kids on with the fun family member, young mom.

The music, lights, and decorations invite me.  Too bad I can’t join in.  Watching is still enjoyable.  I’ll be glad to hold your belongings and let you enjoy the ride.  Some things in life are just that way.


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    • I do wish I could ride them. How’s the weather there? It’s rainy here bringing the weather into the bearable stage. I don’t really mind the heat, but it’s nice to enjoy a bit of coolness.

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