Day 207: 3 Things I Should Have Done to Get Over Jet Lag


“Usually, jet lag is not this big of an issue for me. I’m not sure why I’m so disoriented this time. It could be due to the amount of chocolate and french fries I’ve eaten in the last two and a half weeks.” April Winchell

Like April, I’ve come to Asia this time about ten pounds heavier than I should be due to too many french fries.  Chocolate doesn’t tempt me a lot, except for REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups, but most greasy foods are my downfall.

I’m writing this post in jet lag.  In all fairness, I’ve done none of the things I should be doing to get over jet lag, but hopefully all of that will change today.

Here are a few suggestions recommended for getting over jet lag:

1. Start with plenty of water.  According to the Washington Post article, staying hydrated is a great start to reduce jet lag.  I should have done this better from the start.  Here’s the problem.  First, we are not allowed to bring a bottle of water on the plane, though an empty bottle to refill on the other side would have worked.  We arrived at one flight “just in time” for the next sending us on a mad frenzy across each airport on the journey.  Atlanta, beautiful as it may be, is notorious for keeping me on the tarmac.  I’m sure I’ve spent more hours on the Atlanta tarmac than I’ve ever spent in the airport.  This trip was no different from my last.  We spent a whopping two-hours on the tarmac after having run to the plane.  Finally, I had to politely ask the stewardess for a cup of water.  I was parched.  After that event, I was able to stay well hydrated, but starting with a water deficit probably didn’t help the situation.  NEXT TIME….

2. Get in shape before the flight.  According to Mail Online, a healthy body tends to adjust better than a not so healthy body.  So there’s another thing I didn’t do while spending about six weeks in the States.  Driving seems to be the method of transportation in the city where I lived, but I can’t blame it on the city.  There were plenty of places for me to walk, and I didn’t have to eat at every fast food restaurant I had missed in my time away.  MAYBE NEXT TIME…

3. Try to adjust to the new time zone.  BBC Health gives a tip that we should do what people in the new time zone are doing.  Yes, I’ve known this for years.  My children actually work hard to adjust quickly, but I expect to overcome jet lag with no effort.  By 3:00 in the afternoon, I was exhausted so I went down for a nap which put me wide awake at 9:00 p.m.  I know what should be done, but when I get sleepy I forget about combatting jet lag.  That’s why I’m completing this article at 3:00 a.m.  OH WELL! THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT TIME.

If you find this article ridiculously full of grammar and spelling errors, know that I’m blaming my lack of concern about it on jet lag.  It’s not likely to get much better in the next couple of days either!


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  1. Oh, sweet Claudia, don’t be so hard on yourself. It takes me 6-10 days to really get over jet lag, whether I do all things right or not. Add to it that you are not with your family right now…no wonder. You were wise to come back early enough to get adjusted before you really HAVE to be “on” at school.

    P.S. great picture

  2. Claudia, I think it just doesn’t matter what you do – you’ll get over jetlag when it’s time to get over it and not before!! I’ve been at this for a few years too, and no two times are ever the same. Love the picture too – you did a great job!!

    • Well, the good news is that today, I think I’m on track! I slept easily all night and woke up at almost 4. It was just perfect. Can’t wait to see you again. I hope that you slept last night too!

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