Day 208: Of Floods, A Lonely Dog, and School Supplies


A lonely dog needs a friend.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison

The last few days have been just plain fun.  It’s great to be home where there is work to do, and there are places to go.  Because I’m alone for a few days, I can set my own non-typical schedule.

Here are some of the unexpected opportunities I came across while going about my unique schedule:

Floods:  Last night, I got to visit my sweet friend who’s in the hospital.  I’m sad that she’s not well but am grateful she’s not well near my house so that I can go see her!  The hospital was my planned visit after work, but I did not plan the flood.  As I’ve told you before, I hate umbrellas because I never really have one when I need it.  Well, it was one of those occasions–a quick version of an Asian Monsoon lasting just long enough for me to run and laugh through flooded streets.  I left a puddle of water in my house, my wallet was drenched, and my prayer life had improved as I thanked God for helping me avoid lightening flashes on the trip home.  When that happens, I have to laugh.  It’s nature, and being unprepared for it is natural for me.  Floods give me a good opportunity to laugh!

A Lonely Dog:  I said that I am alone for a few days, but that’s not entirely true.  My dog, Biscuit, is nervous for more than one reason–two of which I do know.  First, we left her with a housekeeper for several weeks.  She cried and cried when we returned just to be dismayed again when she saw my daughter packing her bag.  Every time I get ready to go somewhere, I do it with a tinge of guilt because she is so needy right now.  A second reason she’s nervous is also natural.  We’ve already talked about floods, but I failed to mention how terrified my dog is of lightening.  So with all of these rainstorms and my coming in and out, she’s not likely feeling super supported right now.  My pet gives me an opportunity to spread a little love around.

School Supplies:  This is that wonderful time of year when everyone is browsing the school supply section.  Needless to say, I had to stop and get in there with them.  I always hope for the perfect planner and have high hopes for drafting ideas in some decorative notebooks.  Some are into fancy pens, but paper is my downfall.  They say it’s natural for women to like to shop, though probably not for school supplies.  However, this was another interesting opportunity at the end of my not so scheduled day.

If you wake up tomorrow feeling that this might just be another one of those days, look at all of the extra opportunities you have that you might normally have taken for granted.  Maybe it’s an unexpected flood, a lonely pet, or even a stop for school supplies, but all of these add up to quite an interesting day.


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    • You are right. I went to the teacher store and they were remodeling and didn’t have what I wanted. So, I went to the Paragon and watched Harry Potter, then shopped a bit for school supplies. I made it home without getting super wet!!! Yeah! How was your drive home?

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