Day 209: How Water Makes You Beautiful


“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” Rabindranath Tagore

Water can be delicious, but I think we have to psyche our brains into thinking that.  Also, as Rabindranath states, we can’t just look at water to receive its benefits.

While other fluids can help our bodies stay hydrated, water may be the easiest fluid to find when we’re out and about.

Most articles I’ve read emphasize our need to drink more water for health and beauty.  Here are a few ways  that water can make us look more beautiful.

Water makes the skin look fresh.  Natural Skincare Secrets gives several benefits of water but focuses on a more radiant looking skin when we are well hydrated.  I’ve noticed myself how people who live in hot, arid places for many years tend to have a more parched looking skin.  Maybe it’s due to limited ability to get plenty of water.  It does make me wonder whether or not there’s some truth to skin health and drinking plenty of water.

Water keeps the eyes sparkling.  According to BBC Health, one of the symptoms of dehydration is dry or sunken eyes.  I’ve seen girls in beauty pageants add eye drops to their eyes before interviews.  Sparkling eyes do make one look more beautiful.  Of course the most natural way would be to drink plenty of water.

Water might help us maintain a better body weight.  According to Women’s Perfect Body Program, water keeps us from being as hungry.  Adding unneeded calories to our bodies doesn’t really help in the fight to maintain a healthy weight.  It’s no surprise that drinking around eight glasses of water a day is usually one of the first things listed on a healthy diet plan.  Since drinking water seems to quench thirst, keep us from being so hungry, and help us maintain a better body weight, I wonder why it’s so difficult to make myself reach for water?

The good things about drinking more water are that water doesn’t add more calories to the diet, is typically free (or at least cheap), and is usually accessible.  In some areas of the world, planning for available water throughout the day might also be important.  It’s certainly worth a little extra effort.  Don’t you think?


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  1. Good post, I have been limited to the amount of water or any liquid consumption for that matter, only 48 OZ-s a day. I do break that limit most days but I pay for it the next day, because it takes a wile for my breathing to return to normal. I do agree that water is an important part of our existence and we take it for granted in shameful ways, some day clean water will be hard to find if we keep up our present neglect of our most important natural resource.

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