Day 210: Sometimes a Pie In The Face Is Better Than No Pie At All


A little ice cream with that pie, please.

“Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.”  Yogi Berra

I’m still thinking about pie.  I never got to eat a fried peach pie while at home, and I guess it’s still on my mind.

You’d think I’m crazy about sweets with as much as I’ve been talking about this peach pie.  Actually, I prefer food to sweets except when there’s a delicious coconut cream, lemon ice-box, pecan, or fried peach pie around.

Have three kinds of pie (pi) on me.

Pot Pies: I really like savory pies – especially chicken, turkey, or beef pot pies.  I don’t mind whether it is a cheap off-brand pie or whether it is homemade.  I guess I just like the taste of meat with vegetables and pie crust.

It seems amazing that they’ve improved the cooking time of pot pies to only about four minutes in the microwave.  When I grew up (I know… an “olden days” story again), it took forty-five minutes to cook a pot pie in the oven.  When eating it, we usually burned our tongues because of our impatience after waiting for so long.  Also, if you wanted a second one and hadn’t planned ahead, that would be another forty-five minutes plus the cooling time.

Cream, Baked, and Fried Pies:  I like a light-colored cream pie like coconut or lemon.  It seems like the right thing to go with a cup of coffee.  I also see myself drinking coffee with pecan pies, those little fried pies at fast food restaurants, and fried peach pies.  There it is; I’ve said it again.  When will I get to eat one of those fried peach pies?

Math Pi:  For the Brain Caviar part of this post, I must talk a little about pi (3.14).  Do you know that in all of the time I loved doing math as a kid, as a teenager, and as a college student, I don’t think I ever got the hang of pi until I was reading a book during a mission meeting.  You all would know it, because you set it in your brain when you were a kid, but I never understood it until I saw a picture of pi in a book that day.   I was so excited, I punched my neighbor, who had been listening in the mission meeting, and she enjoyed the article too.

The picture was simple.  A diameter of a circle was cut from a rope.  The rope was then placed around that same circle.  The picture showed simply that the rope would go around the circle three (3) and a little bit (.14) times.  There it was all along.  Why had my brain never processed it until I was trying to multi-task in that mission meeting?  A better question is what kind of exciting meeting was that where I would be reading about pi?

As you take a late snack tonight, maybe there’s a pie in your refrigerator.  I’ll have to resort to the mathematical one since I have nothing much in there.  Happy eating!


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