Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken


Sometimes things don't break immediately.

“Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.” Albert Camus

Today’s photo challenge, broken, brought me to the picture taken by my husband in Singapore.  I used it a few weeks ago in a post about crumbling. Apparently, the beautiful building began to crumble because of the underground subway.  We all know the saying, “If it ain’t broken….,”  but in this case, it really wasn’t broken until the subway came along.

The great news is that it’s being fixed.  The problem with the picture is that it got me thinking.  So many times I’ve run in to try something great and have broken some things in the process.  Maybe it was like this place of worship that was disturbed and over time showed the marks.  I wasn’t aware that I was causing something to break, but those around me knew.  By the time the broken parts present themselves, it takes a lot of reworking to fix them back.

I hope that I can have a heart that bends when others come barreling through as well.  It happens in organizations.  I guess it’s easier to place blame if we think of it as an “organization.”  Reality is that the “organization” is made of people like us thinking they’re doing what’s right.  They don’t often know the inner turmoil taking place until it’s too late.  I hope to be more generous as mistakes come in my organization this year; then maybe others will bend their hearts when I make the same kinds of mistakes.

Here’s to hoping!


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    • I agree. Can you imagine a place falling in because of the subway. Hey, did you hear about Japan’s new earthquake today. Bless their hearts. It’s just one thing after another. Julia, you’re so sweet always stop in! I really appreciate it! Today should be your silent Sunday. I’ll check in!

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