Day 214: Maybe You’re Another Charles Schultz in the Making


LetCreate your own Toon

“In comic strips, the person on the left always speaks first.” George Carlin

I am amazed at the free technology available to teachers these days.  For me, this is an excellent time to be in education.  When I was a child, I watched the Jetsons talking to one another using what would now be a version of Skype.  Who would have thought that we would see the Jetson technology in our own lifetime? Many of the things we only dream about doing, are now available to use in our classrooms.  We need only familiarize ourselves with current 2.0 Web tools and widgets.

My latest discovery is an incredibly easy tool called ToonDoo.  You simply create an account, and start making your own comic strip or book.  When you finish, you can embed it into your blog post in a simple step or two.

The cartoon you see above was my first try at ToonDoo which I embedded onto my school website.  I have no experience with comics, and yet it was very easy to follow.  ToonDoo is a fast way to make a cartoon, but there are other cartoon-makers online that allow animation of characters.  I’m constantly amazed at what’s out there to use for education or simply for fun.

If you want to learn but don’t know where to start, begin with a simple activity like ToonDoo.  Maybe you’ll discover a humorous side of yourself after all.


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