Day 215: A Bad Habit, An Old Shirt, and Too Many Books


Why is it that bad habits aren't easy to stop?

“An unfortunate thing about this world is that the good habits are much easier to give up than the bad ones.” W. Somerset Maugham

There comes an interesting time in life where our children start to sound like us talking back.  That’s where I am these days.  I love that they challenge me with things I need to be doing to improve my environment.

Just yesterday the conversation started, “You know, Mom, you need to get your cabinets to the point that you could actually walk out of that classroom with only a trunkload of things you need to keep.”  She went on to list some of the things I should throw out.

She’s right, and I know it.  So why is it that I hold tightly to so many things.  I didn’t come through the depression, so I can’t use that excuse.  Here are some of the more obvious things I need to trim away.

A Bad Habit- I have them.  No, I don’t smoke, but I do have habits that I’d like to remove from my life.  Some of them I’ve attempted to kick for years.  I’m not sure if there is comfort in a bad habit or if I’m just weak.  At any rate, they’re still there, and I know of my need to release them.

An Old Shirt- When we returned from a recent trip, I realized that we were bringing four bags full of new stuff into our house.  Have I thrown out four bags full to counteract the clutter?  No.  I usually think of my husband when I start thinking of clothes.  He doesn’t want me to wear t-shirts.  The look just isn’t right.  Yet, he hangs on to them until they are not recognizable.  That’s how we are.  We don’t like to throw away things in the closet that have sentimental value.  I get it, and that’s why my closet is too full.

Too Many Books- I love books and have a hard time parting with them.  My classroom is too full of them.  Right now, I’ve misplaced a book that belongs to a friend.  Where did I put it before I left?  I almost remember puttting it in a sacred place.  Where would that be?  The bottom line is that I’ve got to get rid of them and go visit them in a library.  If I lived near a good library, I would do just that, or would I?

I’m telling myself that I could just photograph these things and remember them with a picture.  Then I wouldn’t have to hang on and clutter up my classroom.  My goal today is to release five things.  Let’s see how it goes!


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  1. I’m with you all the way on this-we need to clear out the clutter. As for the books, they don’t count as clutter ( ha ha). But I am about to make a big step and go digital on books…perhaps listen to audio books when I go walking, or sitting in traffic and on an airplane. I still like a book in my hand too, especially God’s Word, but I can do a lot more (and reduce the stress on my eyes and my book shelves) if I go digital.

    Random thoughts…

    • I like that idea. I’m not much into the digital books. I do love audio books though. I enjoyed our night. I’ve got a busy one today and need to prioritize before everyone gets into work. Have a great day, my friend.

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