Day 216: Two or More Ways to Say Cheese


Just say, "Cheese!"

“Fettucine alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults.” Mitch Hedberg

I love teaching because something exciting goes on daily.  There’s no chance for boredom, and there’s rarely a day when I get to school with everything I need.  Today was one of those fun days and it included lots of cheese.

Pictures and Cheese – It’s funny that pictures are an occasion to say, “Cheese.”  Do you wonder who came up with that statement?   I mean, is saying cheese something we usually smile about?  When I got to school, I realized that it was picture day.  Too bad I didn’t prepare with the proper clothes, especially since I did remember picture day at one point last night.  The good news, I thought, was that I had a spare shirt in the closet.  Unfortunately, my girlfriend reminded me that the shirt was actually hers, however, the same color as the one I wore last year when I forgot it was picture day. Thankfully, she let me wear it anyway.

Snacks and Cheese –  Today in Asia, the price of cheese is astronomical.  We use it sparingly and savor it whenever we buy it.  Still, I will eat cheese in most any form or fashion.  Cheese crackers, cheese on salad, grilled cheese, and most other kinds of cheese serve me well when I have the munchies.

Combinations of Both – Interestingly enough, New York Times reports a combination of my favorite snack and saying cheese for the camera.  Here they inform us of the marketing plan of Jonathan Kaplan who invented the famous Flip camera (which surprisingly was recently taken off the market).  Just as the Flip camera was a hit, I won’t be surprised if his new restaurant, The Melt, doesn’t become a great success.   Kaplan explains his plan to have a restaurant where you order on-line, show a bar code, and pick up a grilled cheese and soup within a minute of arrival.  It will be fast, with interesting combinations of soup and grilled cheese.   With an option to round up to the next dollar for charity, it sounds as though it has all the makings of success.

When you’re dressed inappropriately, you’re hungry, or you just want to be noticed, stop what you’re doing and say, “CHEESE!”


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