Day 218: If The Shoe Fits Or Making The Most Of A Golden Team


When the shoe fits, wear it joyfully!

“There is no “i” in team but there is in win.” Michael Jordan

It’s not often that we are assigned a dream team by another person.  When it happens, we ought to tell others about it.

Yesterday at school, we were given a dream assignment.  Work together with wonderful people throughout the year.  Our team really jelled.  We left feeling grateful for the group, and I believe we were so amazed that most of us said it out loud.  “This is a great group!  I’m so thankful to be here.”  Wow!

It’s interesting that some teams work, and some just don’t.  Thinking back about the group, it seems that these things are in common:

People Who Are Vulnerable – We all felt secure enough to let others know that we’ve made mistakes in the past.  None of us feel we’ve arrived.  Sharing real issues opens a door of fresh air in a trustworthy group.

People Who Want to Learn- We didn’t hoard our ideas, but we shared them and invited others to do the same.  A learning attitude shines.  We all want to learn what we can from each other in order to grow.

People Who Are Genuine- It’s wonderful to be with people who are warm and honest.  They say what it is, and they don’t hide things under the carpet.  I’ve grown a lot in this area.  So often I’ve had a need to please other people to the point that I was not able to really be myself.  Thanks to God bringing the right people into my life,  I’ve grown more confident in being myself.  In a group of genuine people, we feel relaxed and can confide.

People Who Build Community– In this group, we didn’t have any combative people.  We really wanted to get to know each other.  No one needed to dominate.  When people with a negative attitude are not invited, the improvement in the group atmosphere is noticeable.

Ideally, we’d work on teams like this regularly.   Tell us about your dream team experience.


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  1. Grateful with you for your dream team, Claudia. I’ve been on many teams and it is rare for everyone to be in sync with one another. The few times that we were all in sync with one another were true magic. I think when someone is defensive, always has to be right, and/or afraid to make a mistake, it is hard to gel with that person. I want to think about this some more. I wonder what the leader or others in the group can do to ensure a dream team? – besides what you pointed out.

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