Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains


How about a week-end excursion to these mountains?

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!” John Muir

I tried to find a way to purchase a trip to the mountains since WordPress decided to run the weekly photo challenge on mountains.  However, being the first week of school and the fact that my husband’s out of town, I opted to spiff up some of our snapshots from a previous trip.  It seems mountains bring out the feeling of romance wherever they’re located.

Though I really love being in the mountains, I’m one of the worst people to take there without Dramamine.  On a surprise trip to the Biltmore House, my complaints started as soon as my husband started slinging the car back and forth on the winding road.  It may as well have been a ride on the merry-go-round for me, because I felt like puking after the first few sharp turns.  I can sometimes get sick driving around in a parking lot, which in Asia is a unique experience, but that’s another blog post.

To smell the mountain air and to sleep in the midst of its cool breeze do make the trip worthwhile.  If I could find a way to drop in and out of the mountains with no travel to them, I’d love living there.  Nature inspires me.  In the mountains, I find peace and relaxation.  I enjoy listening to its early morning sounds with a hot cup of coffee.

Perhaps things that are worthwhile, like a trip to the mountains, are worth a bit more effort.  What do you enjoy about mountains?


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