Day 226: Do You Think That Cracker Barrel Would Deliver?


If only Cracker Barrel would deliver...

“You expect far too much of a first sentence. Think of it as analogous to a good country breakfast: what we want is something simple, but nourishing to the imagination.” Larry McMurtry

How do you like to start your day?  I’d love to have breakfast in bed today, but that would mean I’d need to cook it first, and then bring it to bed.  It seems silly doesn’t it?  There’s a perfect meal I’d like to have from Cracker Barrel.  Since they’re not likely to deliver it to Bangkok, I’ll need to settle for something else.  For breakfast, I like my familiar coffee with milk and something warm to eat.  It helps me start the day well.

Every day includes many starts.  When I wake up feeling ahead, it’s much easier for me to start other things well too.  Today had many good starts.  I feel it was a fluke, so I’m wondering what helps you get started well?

For me, it’s something like this:

Keep a list of projects, and work ahead when there is time.  Every year school starts about the same time.  There’s always more to do than we remembered.  This year, my co-worker and I started well.  We spent the end of last year planning for this one.  Additionally, we planned the first six weeks of school in great detail over the summer.  Now, we’re simply busy carrying out our plan.  We are thrilled about the year, because we did our planning when we were more rested.  That helped us feed ideas off of one another.  I’m great at procrastinating, but getting ahead, really does free the mind to create even more.

Set immediate small goals.  Telling myself that I’m going to finish something in 30 minutes helps me get started quicker.  Like McMurtry’s quote above, we need to get started and feed the imagination.  We don’t need to make the masterpiece with the first stroke.

Pay attention to important relationships.  So many times I sit around thinking, “I need to call that person,”  or “Why haven’t I written them?”  These things really weigh me down.  They keep me from getting the present job done.  If I will write that letter or make that phone call, I feel much less burdened and get started on other work easier.  Starting my day with a clean slate allows me to move on to other things.  Do you do the same?

Please take a minute and share how you start your perfect day with a comment on this post.  I’d really like to know!


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  1. I always open my eyes before the sun comes up, and I always say thank you for this day, give me the strength, the wisdom, and the courage to follow what you would have me do. Then I get out of bed, make coffee for my wife, and wonder what the day will bring.

    I have many projects here at home, but the heat and my health have me a little behind, and the farther behind I get the less I want to do any of them.

    One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was giving up working. If you had told me in school that I would some day feel that way I would thought you were insane.

    Looking back at my working life, I enjoyed working and teaching others the talents and skills that I have been bless with.

    I am not done yet, some day I will step back into the real world and be productive once again.

    But getting back to the perfect day, I feel that every day I wake up and take that first conscious breath that the day has already started out perfect.

    I have learned to let go of worries, I almost never get angry, and I always treat others with kindness and respect, even if they don’t deserve it.

    • Wow. What an amazing thing to be able to say. I would like to say that a lot of these things are true about me, but I’m afraid they aren’t. I am grateful that God is willing to keep working on me. I do pray to be more like Him each day. Thanks for sharing. I like these ideas.

  2. These days I start EARLY and end with my favorite activity- reading your awesome blog. I look forward to these few minutes..

    Yay for you, Claudia.

  3. I’ve had a bit of a stressful summer because I haven’t planned properly. I will put some thought into the starts of my day because they are really important and lead the rest of the day!

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