Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance


Enter at your own risk....

“As we had no part of our will on our entrance into this life, we should not presume to any on our leaving it, but soberly learn to will which He wills.” William Drummond

To admit, to access, to enter– they all seem a bit formal.

I think of a bride as she enters a room to meet her groom.  We all know to stand, and our standing does hold a special meaning.  Reflecting on it, I wonder how a complete stranger to these practices would view the whole event.  After all, there’s nothing extraordinary about the person wearing the gown.  We dress her up, and we stand to show honor to the bride on her entrance into marriage.  Honestly, with the lack of upheld purity these days, weddings don’t hold the allurement they used to hold.

To stand in a throne room upon the entrance of a real king or queen requires a different set of standards, which many can still appreciate.  There is a sense of excitement to hear the words spoken directly from a king or a queen’s mouth to a small group of honored guests.  Upon a royal entrance, all must know the protocol.  Whether to stand, to bow, or to kneel all become important pieces of information to know and to practice.

The entrances to particular places can also inspire.  The public was saddened back in May of 2010 to learn that the inspiring entrance to the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. would be changed for security reasons. USA Today ran an article about the closing of the marble step entrance under the words, “Equal Justice Under Law,” and how many had quoted the entrance’s ability to inspire.  Places of entry can have special significance.

Some entrances can mean life or death.  In the days of the gladiators, I’ve heard tell that the choosing of an entrance could determine one’s fate.  In a specific tale, out of the chosen door might be a lady or a tiger.  A grand entrance would be one thing, but in this case, an entrance “to die for” would be exactly the outcome.

Entrances of people and to places certainly can impress, but for me, there’s a door I one day hope to enter.  The road to it is narrow.  A good King reigns there and invites us to His wedding table.  I want to be dressed appropriately to join that feast.  On that day, I’m honestly hoping for mercy rather than justice.  It’s an entrance “to die for.”


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