Day 229: Did You Wash Your Hands? and Other Important Questions Related to Sewers


It's a dirty job...but somebody's got to do it!

“Life is like a sewer… what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.” Tom Lehrer

I don’t know much about sewers, but I find it fascinating that there are people who take it on as a science.  Imagine telling people that you manage sewage.  Sure there’s a distinguished name for it, but let’s face it.  This work does come out at the bottom (pun intended).

1. Would you consider drinking toilet water?  Dogs do it all the time, but would a dog’s best friend?  An article in USA Today back in March discusses how Singapore is promoting “Toilet to Tap,” a way to get sewage water treated and returned to the house for various uses.  Of course it’s controversial, and many find it gross.  It’s a factor that will be overcome as water becomes scarce in various places.

2. What would you do if you saw an alligator in your sewer?  Back in 1935, New York Times reported an interesting event about some boys shoveling snow.  To their surprise, they found an alligator in the sewer which they finally killed.  Silly as it may sound, we do find monitor lizards ( a small version of what looks like an alligator) escaping from the sewer from time to time.  Would you kill it?  I’m pretty sure I would run.

3. Would you consider a sewer a tourist attraction?  In Paris, I guess everything can be a museum.  The art oozes so strongly, people even tour the Paris Sewers Museum.  I’m not sure I’d find it interesting among other things to see in Paris, but I guess if there’s nothing left to do, it’s always an option.

Will I make it to finish this Post-a-Day 365 day challenge?  That’s the real question.  You can see my topics are bottoming out.

The bottom line is here. Hopefully tomorrow’s topic will give us a nicer pool for reflection!


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