Day 232: Call Me!


I do like cell phones!

“The trouble with super heroes is what to do between phone booths.” Ken Kesey

Superman would surely have a hard time these days.  In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not easy finding a phone booth in some countries.

When I first saw cell phones being used in public, I was disgusted.  I carried on conversations in my head that went something like, “Who does he think he is talking to someone over dinner while his friend waits patiently for him to get over himself?”  It seemed pompous.

Now, I’ve completely changed my tune.

Cell phones help us communicate instantaneously.  My daughter stayed at a friend’s house.  When I got near the house, I called her and she directed me to the front door.  Last night, I traveled home in the rain and wondered if I’d make it home to spend time with some friends who were in town for business.  Because we both had cell phones, we could each carry on with our schedules and see one another without having to predetermine a meeting point.  Married and dating couples can instantly solve many communication issues by dialing up when things don’t go as planned.

Cell phones can help relieve our worries.  We can choose to turn them on or off, but having the ability to talk with our loved ones can free us from unnecessary concern.  My children have cell phones, and that helps us give them opportunities to go places and call us when they arrive.

Cell phones help us keep in touch.  I have been guilty of calling my husband in a large department store when I couldn’t find him, an unnecessary call.  Yet, it’s great to be able to find our family members when something urgent comes along.  I love that if I really need to contact my husband, I can usually do so within a few minutes.

Cell phones are excellent during emergencies.  Cell phones can be life saving devices when there are car wrecks, urgent needs, and other incidences.

Call me pompous if you like, but cell phones have made my life much easier.  Perhaps superman will have to lose his disguise for lack of a changing booth, but in general, I feel I’m better with a cell phone than without one.


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