Day 237: Heart and Soul


Excellence speaks.

“If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.” Gustave Mahler

Some things are better said with music.  It’s the language of love and lovers.  It’s the vibration that rings the inner core of the soul.  It’s the mood setter and the heart breaker.  It’s the broken record that creates insomnia.  Music speaks without words.

Music heals.  It’s no wonder that singings are popular at retirement homes.  Even the sound of music makes many smile and move in the direction of the concert hall.  Music is known to have benefits of healing for both those who play and who enjoy music.

Music gives hope. I love that when soldiers are at war, there are often musicians and actors who donate their time to encourage them.  Music temporarily helps us forget the misfortunes and look at hope.

Music unites.  During hard times, musicians often get together to raise money to benefit people in need.  Each year on Valentine’s Day, we have the opportunity to hear fine musicians giving their time to help a patient who needs money for an operation.  This unifies the audience and gives them an opportunity to both hear music they love and to support the person in need.

The hum of a well-seasoned violin, the voice of a piano resurrected by vibrant hands, and the chatter of a saxophone in a sassy mouth give the composer’s message a perfect accent.  If only we could pipe it into our bodies intravenously, we might all ask for another dose.

How does music speak to you?


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